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    The end of a season is a time for a coach to evaluate, reflect, and improve from the season that just happened. There are many activities a coach can do to help aid this process. One thing he or she should do is have end of the year meetings with each of their players. This meeting should consist of the player explaining how they think they did that year. What they think that they should improve on and what they think the coach or team can improve on.

    Once the player is finished talking then the coach should explain how they thought the player performed and what the player can improve on for the next upcoming season. This is important because the player and coach may have different views on how that player performed. By letting the player talk and feel like their opinion is valued, it creates a relationship between the player and coach. This allows the coach and player to trust one another on a deeper level. Now that this has been accomplished, the off season can can be tackled head on.

    The off season is the least exciting time of the year for an athlete, but it is the most important time for a developing athlete. This is the time for a veteran player to get their mind and body healthy and for a developing player to increase speed, strength, and skills. The key to having a productive off season is having a purpose each and every day that you choose to do something related to your sport.

    Another thing the offseason allows players to do besides getting better on the field or court, is to give themselves a break from the wear and tear a long season gives to their body.

    Our recommendation for a player that has a lot of aches and pains is to not do anything for at least 2 weeks. No lifting, practicing, or conditioning. This 2 weeks should be used to get away from the sport. This is important not only for physical health, but also mental health. This 2 week break will allow you to feel more energized and excited to get back to work when it’s over.

    Article BY: Derek Parola 

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