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    Given all the discussions we have, books being written, and seminars being taught on success you would imagine that we are living in a generation of exceptional successful people. But is that really the case?

    No, its actually far from it. Certainly, the rich are getting richer given how our laws are tilted towards making that so. And there are those who rise up to become successful, but they are in the minority. Overall a lot of people feel stuck in the mire of mediocrity unsure of what their next steps should be.

    It is possible that there is something holding you back from embracing a lifestyle of success you are so worthy of achieving. Sadly, there are not many sources out there to help you get unstuck. There are a few things under your control which may help you to come out of the mud and step into the lifestyle and benefits of being successful;

    What is your personal definition of success – before you can begin any journey you must know the destination you are seeking to arrive at. Success means different things to different people. For some its finishing college, getting married, moving into a new house or landing that dream job. Whatever your definition is you should write it down, so you can be very clear about what success means to you.

    Review your past – take a good look at how you were raised. What environment did you grow up in? Was it accepting or demanding? Did you feel like you were loved or that you had to prove that you were worthy of being loved? Even if you grew up in a performance driven environment but knew you were loved it can help you to strive towards being successful today.

    Examine your present situation – are you surrounded by people who are pushing towards success or are you around people who could care less about success? Show me your friends and I can predict what your future will probably look like. Hang around people who are looking to be successful and those who have already attained a certain level of success.

    What are you willing to sacrifice – you cannot be successful doing what you are doing when what you are doing has not produced success. If you always do what you have always done you will always have what you already have now. You must step out of the box and take a chance at being great. See yourself living the life you deserve to live and ask yourself “what must I do to become this person I envision?

    Article By:  Jeffery Davis 

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