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    It is becoming common knowledge that it’s wise to limit the amount of carbohydrates we eat. However, it is difficult to determine what are bad versus good carbs and how many carbs per day we should consume. But no fear SAM is here to help break it down to you. 

    In anything that we do we must always remember to do it in moderation. So although there may be good types of carbohydrates you still must not go overboard because they can still be starchy. 

    Newer guidelines have established standards that warn not to consume high amounts of “starchy” carbohydrates like cereal, bread, pasta and grains. These are the foods that can ruin health. Of all the grains, wheat is the most harmful. It contains high amounts of a protein called gluten. For many of us, gluten is an allergen that is categorized as causing food sensitivities. It is not surprising that we find a myriad of gluten-free food-types on the shelves of most of our grocery stores.

    If one wants to utilize a safer grain, oats and rice would be the best recommendation. Rice and oats have little to no gluten. However, they are still problematic because they are starchy carbohydrates. So best to use in moderation. 

    How many starchy carbs should one consume a day? Many experts suggest approximately 100-200 grams/day. This amount is certainly reasonable, attainable and provides enough appetite satisfaction to work for most people.

    What sometimes is difficult is to be able to measure or count the grams of carbohydrates in various foods. However, food labels on the packaging of our food provides the knowledge required to determine how much we should consume. There are two features on a food label to look for. The first is the serving size. The second is the total carbohydrates. By using food labels, it is very easy to determine the amount of carbohydrates/day a person takes in.

    Again, 100-200 grams per day of starchy carbohydrates is a good goal to shoot for. Many of us who initially utilized this approach found that within a year we reached a desirable weight, eliminated chronic pains, had increased energy and better sleep.

    Article Sourced By: James Schofield

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