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    Mental fatigue could wear down person’s overall health and well being. It is worse than physically tired. It is because mental fatigue affects the person’s ability to think and express themselves. And even better issue that mental stress has been known to cause mental fatigue and physical exhaustion with sickness too. 

    There are different factors which can contribute to the mental fatigue and physical exhaustion. Facing hard decisions could result to mental stress and can even lead to depression in a few extreme cases. This is the reason why it’s essential to know how to cure mental fatigue and physical exhaustion. Here are some tips that you can consider:  

    Tips to Relax your System Mentally and Increase your Energy  

    One of the main components to fight stress is to relax your system. It helps you relieve from mental fatigue and revitalizes your mind and body.

    Give time for yourself – look for a quite place and become in tune with your spirituality. Each people have its own way to reflect in their inner selves. Some pray while some mediates. Others make journal and write something on their diary. And few simply allow their thoughts and ideas to flow freely.  

    Have a good and restful sleep – mental fatigue can acquire even if you have much sleep. On the other hand, having enough restful sleep can help refresh your brain and your body. Lots of daily stress could relieve by sleeping peacefully. After all, your body will have the chance to repair itself and to recharge its energy.  

    Free your problems – have you mind free from troubles and worries. Find something that will keep you busy, like spending time with your friends and family. Go out for dinner and have a romantic weekend. 

    Maintain a regular exercise – brain releases endorphins which are hormones that make you happy if you exercise. It is like body natural high. You can make a brief walk, jog or simple stretching. Exercising alone is best for your thoughts.  

    Breathing exercise – when things makes you worry, take a deep breath, hold for ten seconds then release. You will have a relief in your tensions and stress.  

    And lastly, date yourself take time to treat yourself. Do the things that you want to do, enjoy and be happy.

    Article By: Jeramey Thompson

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