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    Ever tired of constant workout but no results? Here at SAM we totally understand and we’re here to lend a helping hand with a few tips and guidelines to help you on your journey.

    There are certain ways of exercising that can help you significantly burn more fat during your workouts.They are not really hacks per se but rather simple adjustments and additions that can boost your fat burning results.These are not really for everyone as most people these days fit exercise in whenever possible due to the hectic nature of our lifestyles these days. Some people might also just want to improve their overall performance instead of burning fat. 

    So with that said, if losing weight is actually your goal, then you are free to come along as we go through these tips.

    Do Morning Exercises on an Empty Stomach

    This is probably one of the best keys for burning off those extra fats you have been carrying around. Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning is a sure way to turbo charging your fat burning furnace. Morning exercises can help you burn as much as 300 percent more body fat compared to when you exercise at any other time of the day. 

    This is because after just waking up from sleep, there is usually no glycogen (stored glucose) in your liver for the body to burn for energy. This is occasioned by the fat that your body has been on a fast for the period of your sleep.

    As a result of this, your body has to resort to directly burning stored fats for energy in order to supply the needed energy to complete the activity.

    Change Your Exercise

    The human body is known to possess a great ability to adapt to any stressful situation it finds itself, exercise being no exception.

    Carrying out one particular exercise regularly will make your muscles become used to that particular exercise. The workout will over time become easier for you to carry out with the muscles not having to work that hard to get things done. Therefore, changing your exercise every now and then will help to force your muscles to re-adapt to the new change thereby making them work harder. This will cause an increase in your heart rate and thus an increase in the amount of calories burned.

    Do Cardio Exercises Immediately After Weight Training

    The body can use up all it’s readily available glucose for fuel within twenty to thirty minutes of engaging in an exercise. The only exception is when you are working out in the morning on an empty stomach as discussed above.

    It is only when you have exhausted the available free glucose in your system that your body can turn to burning more body fat.

    It is much easier for you to quickly deplete your glycogen store by engaging in weight training exercises before doing your cardio exercises. With this shift in your routine, you will start burning fat much sooner.

    Exercising this way also gives you a lot more energy to focus on correct posturing while weight training. This helps to reduce your chances of getting injured while working out as a result of fatigue.

    Article Sourced By: Marcus J Michael

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