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    Lockdown may have kept most of us safe from coronavirus but not from our eating habits. 

    It’s been tough on our waistlines, the more time at home has very often meant more time to raid the fridge. We’ve enjoyed a glass or three of something in the evenings too. Supermarket sales of snack foods and alcohol are at record levels.

    More people did turn to exercising during lockdown. However, a lot of the extra exercise was done by people who were already in pretty good shape, while many of the couch potatoes stayed on their couches. 

    We need to break the habit of rewarding ourselves with extra food (and drinks). These extra snacks per day could add more than 1,000 calories to our weekly intake. Over a three week period, that would increase our weight by a pound, without any other changes to our eating habits.

    Getting outside for some fresh air will help cut cravings. Taking a walk or pottering in the garden will not only distract us from food but also burn off a few of those additional calories. And if we manage more vigorous exercise the effects are more noticeable. Exercise can also curb the appetite, so grab your walking boots!

    Eating sensible portion sizes will reduce the calorie burden too. Aim for meals where at least half of the plate is covered by fruit and/or vegetables – potatoes don’t count as they are classed as carbohydrates. For best results, cook from scratch. Limit or ideally stop – snacking between meals. And remember It’s OK to feel hungry before the next meal, this feeling will help us appreciate the food more.

    Above all, don’t panic. We can lose the lock down love handles almost as easily as we gained them by eating sensibly and savoring, rather than wolfing, our food.

    Article By: Eleanor Knowles

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