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    If you truly want to lose weight everyday, you have to make sure you are consistently doing the best with what you have. The first key is applying discipline to your daily activities. I know discipline is not something you typically hear people talk about when discussing losing weight or eating healthy. However if you truly want to be able to lose weight without thinking about it, you have to be consistent with energy burning activities and smart about your food choices.

    Exercise everyday, You have to have the discipline to follow through everyday. Your goal should be to do 45 minutes of exercise everyday. If you are too busy to do do 45 minutes of exercise at once, break it down to 15 minutes each, Do 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes during your break and 15 minutes at night. What I love most about daily exercise is that when I do it, I feel much more energetic and ready to face the world.

    The second key is confidence. Remember that until you develop enough trust and confidence in the way you consistently lose weight that what others say or think won’t matter. Unless you develop the confidence that comes from successful repeated executions of small daily tasks, you will not take enough consistent action to eliminate unnecessary doubt.

    The third key is the ability to forgive yourself and begin again. If you forget to eat your veggies and fruits today, eat them tomorrow. If you were only able to do 20 minutes of exercise today, instead of the 45 minutes you planned today, find out why and make adjustments, so that you can become more consistent. Just remember a journey of a thousand miles,begins with one step.

    Article Sourced By Chio Ugochukwu 

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